Relax in Oceanfront Paradise

Don’t miss another magical BVI sunset or sunrise

Spend the night docked at our marina or in one of our nine guest rooms, featuring an eclectic design with a fresh take on the resort’s nautical lifestyle—each offering stunning sea-views of the North Sound.

Onsite marina

Marina Slips and Moorings

Known for being a hot spot for sailors and yachties, Saba Rock is a must see on every BVI itinerary. With our full-service marina, the party will only end when you say when.



Tapping into our nautical roots and fun-loving reputation, Saba Rock’s contemporary island-themed rooms are ideal for guests with a playful spirit.


Sink into oceanfront serenity—perfect for discerning travelers—with floor-to-ceiling windows providing a breathtaking 180-degree view of the North Sound.

Convenient arrival

While our location is both remote and wonderfully removed from the hustle of big cities, it is still very simple and easy to get here!

Getting on Island

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Massage & Yoga

On the onsite yoga and massage pavilion, you will have the chance to recharge and reset your clock to island time for the ultimate tropical treatment experience

Discovery beauty of BVI

The British Virgin Islands is rich in undiscovered experiences, comprising scenic islands and secluded cays located 80 kilometers (60 miles) east of Puerto Rico

Explore the paradise

Tap into your fun-loving side with aquatic themed activities for both thrill seekers and soft adventurers. Our concierge-level service will go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy fun-drenched days no matter your speed, to live out the vacation of your dreams.

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