Eat & Drink

The island-inspired international menu taps into the bounty of the sea with fresh-off-the-hook seafood and locally sourced ingredients—served with an exceptional level of service.


Main Restaurant

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
Open 8am to 10pm (breakfast until 10.30)

Sunset & Main Bar

Open 1pm to 9pm

Chill on the Beach after Lunch?

Just because your meal is over, doesn’t mean you have to leave. Chill at the island’s private beach, relax in a hammock, or just hang out and take in the beautiful surroundings.

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Explore the paradise

Tap into your fun-loving side with aquatic themed activities for both thrill seekers and soft adventurers. Our concierge-level service will go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy fun-drenched days no matter your speed, to live out the vacation of your dreams.

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