Anchor your heart at Saba Rock

Saba rock island

The heart and soul of the Caribbean

Saba Rock, an iconic place in the middle of the British Virgin Islands, attracts sailors, adventurers, travelers, yachtsmen, divers, kitesurfers as well as vacationers.

The uniquely relaxed island atmosphere and stylish gastronomy will delight all fans of good food and drink. As the locals say, there is no better place to party in the whole Caribbean.

Stay and Enjoy

Saba rock island

Past and future

Saba Rock was put on the travellers‘ map in the 1960s, when Herbert “Bert” Kilbride founded his diving base and also the Pirates‘ Pub, renowned as one of the best bars in the Caribbean.

After the devastating rampage of hurricane Irma in 2017, it was necessary to rebuild the entire resort from scratch. As a result, visitors can look forward to greater convenience, but do not have to worry that this unique place would lose its charm.

“My friends, it is quite likely that after your first visit you will become Bohemian Sabarockans, incurably dependent on the charm of the island. Every attempt to leave ends in the desire to return as soon as possible.”

Bert Kilbride
the legendary diver, treasure hunter and founder of the original resort

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A visit to the new Saba Rock is not complete without a stay in the resort’s elegant, bare-foot luxury accommodations. Resort lodgings include 7 stylish, beach-chic rooms and 2 generously appointed island suites—all with amazing sea views. Guests will find it hard to check-out of Saba Rock.


Enjoy a Drink at the two richly stocked bars, one on each level. Sip on a wide selection of specialty wines, signature cocktails and daily specials. A free pirate and dive story is included at no extra cost.

Dine-in at the all new open-air restaurant for lunch and dinner. Whether you prefer freshly caught seafood options or hearty burgers, ribs, wings and other savory local favorites, the menu is designed to satisfy all tastes.

Shop for branded merchandise and souvenirs at the Saba Rock Boutique.


At Saba Rock, there is much more to see and do. From an on-site dive shop ready to take you on a tour to discover and explore the BVI’s underwater treasures to soaring through the sun drenched skies of this Caribbean island paradise while kite boarding, be ready for the adventures that await.