Anchor your heart at Saba Rock

Set Your Compass to “Iconic Caribbean Hideaway”

Set on a one-acre slice of paradise in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock is an iconic, must-stop destination in the British Virgin Islands. Known for its island-friendly allure, playful spirit, and easy-going vibe, this secluded oceanfront resort is perfect for island-hopping, working from paradise, or a full resort experience to set the backdrop of your next big vacation.

A Nod to Our History

With origins dating back to the 1960s, Saba Rock was put on the map by diving pioneer Herbert “Bert” Kilbride, when he founded his diving base, a “Resort Course” for scuba diving, and launched the legendary Pirates’ Pub—known for being one of the best oceanfront bars in the Caribbean.

Since then, visitors from both land and sea have flocked to Saba Rock for a taste of “old” Caribbean, from on-the-water adventures and breathtaking scenery to fresh-from-the-sea cuisine and lively Happy Hours.

“My friends, it is quite likely that after your first visit you will become Bohemian Sabarockans, incurably dependent on the charm of the island. Every attempt to leave ends in the desire to return as soon as possible.”

Reimagined Island Elegance

Anchored in our history and buoyed by our future, Saba Rock welcomes back old friends and invites newcomers to enjoy our legacy-with-a-twist

Tapping into our nautical roots and fun-loving reputation, Saba Rock 2.0 brings you a small-island experience infused with barefoot luxury. To honor the flavor of our past, we rescued artifacts and salvaged materials from the original structure while transforming the resort into an upscale destination.

Now, you’ll find effortless personal service, where we train our staff in the art of saying “yes.” Whether you’d like to book a diving tour, schedule a massage, grab a ferry to Virgin Gorda, or create bespoke experiences, we’ll make it happen.

Nautical Museum

Take a peek into our seafaring past with an up-close look at our collection of nautical artifacts: old boat engines, diving helmets, Spanish coins, cannons, and even an anchor dating back to the 1500s. Don’t miss our lively tarpon feeding (a guest favorite!) every day at 5pm.

Connect—at Your Pace

Our elegant beachfront hideaway beckons you to create unforgettable memories with family and friends, no matter your speed. Amp up your on-the-water fun as you spend sun-drenched days diving, snorkelling, kite surfing and kite boarding. When you’re ready to slow down, relax in our beachside hammocks, soak in the stunning natural beauty of our gardens, or explore the perimeter of our private, just-for-guests beaches.

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Explore the paradise

Tap into your fun-loving side with aquatic themed activities for both thrill seekers and soft adventurers. Our concierge-level service will go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy fun-drenched days no matter your speed, to live out the vacation of your dreams.

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